Space Roof

Space Roofs Construction Technology of the Future

Space roofs are a groundbreaking technology that will shape the future of the construction industry. This innovation combines many advantages such as durability, longevity and energy efficiency, and is set to transform future building projects. Here are the key advantages of space roofs:


2.What is Space Roof System?

Space Roof Systems are a solution option that is mostly used in commercial and industrial buildings with vertical carriers and large spans and columns are not preferred. All parts of the space roof system consist of prefabricated standard spare parts and there is almost no margin for error in such a system. Since these standard parts are not available separately, it ensures that the installation can be done in a short time and easily. The lightness of the space roof system also leads to a significant reduction in the load on the building and a much less costly construction of the infrastructure. As a result of the light weight of the space roof system, it is possible to use almost all types of coating materials on it. With this feature, it offers aesthetically unlimited possibilities. With the space roof and lattice system, it is possible to cover openings up to 100 meters in length without using vertical carriers.

1.1.Advantages of Space Roof System

In addition to economic advantages, space roof systems are also preferred because of the advantages they offer in terms of the optimal use of space. Initially, by removing the columns from the center, it allows the workspace to be organized or changed according to the wishes of the people working. As the space roof system consists of modular parts that can be easily installed and dismantled and reusable, it provides time and great cost advantages in additions to the existing space. As a result of the space roof system consisting of hollow structures, installations such as electricity, ventilation ducts, air conditioning, plumbing, air conditioning, systems can be done very easily. The connections of the electrical rods can be made by passing through the cables. Providing sunlight is easily solved by creating window elements on the same gaps of the space roof.

– Space roof systems are structurally lighter and more rigid than other conventional and classical systems.

– The assembly and manufacturing time of the space roof system is shorter than others.

Space roof system saves space in the installation area.

– The space roof is architecturally suitable for the creation of all geometric shapes you can think of.

– Since the space roof is made of prefabricated material, all precautions against corrosion are taken at the manufacturing stage.

– Space roof Installation elements such as electricity and lighting can be simply hung on the installation system to be used in the building.

– Since space roofs are three-dimensional (3D) systems, they are much lighter than classical systems.

– Since the space roof is lightweight, it is very economical in transportation and transportation areas. The space roof can be installed in summer, winter and all seasonal conditions. Since it consists of bolted systems, it can also be dismantled and reassembled in other places.

1.2.Space Roof System Construction manufacturing and materials used

In the calculation of the space roof system, loads are transferred from the nodal point. Sections are prepared so that only axial load can be taken. Therefore, after the manufacture and assembly of the space roof, the coating, accessory connection is connected with the help of clamps.

When it comes to static calculation in the space roof system, the terms and conditions of the country and region where the project will be built should be taken into consideration. In standard selection, a widely used standard should be selected. Thus, standard integrity will occur. The space frame system must be capable of carrying the forces that will come to the elements. The maximum of the compressive and tensile loads on each element is selected.

In the space frame system, the capacity of the element is conical, bolt pulling, welding, tensile bearing, the smaller of the pipe galvanizing hole is selected. When static calculations are made, the sum of the external loads and the sum of the bearing reactions are obtained. Static calculations in space frame system are based on contract and project conditions. These are load criteria, service loads, personal weights,

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