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Steel Construction:

Steel considers as durable construction material, the high strength grade of steel, the steel
structure is reliable and requires less raw materials than other types of structure like concrete
structure and timber structure, its lightweight and flexibility make steel structure and ideal
type of structures against earthquakes.
Steel structure is made of structural steel components connect with each other to carry loads
and provide full rigidity.
Types of steel building structures:
1. Portal Frame Steel Building Structures
2. Steel building frame structures
3. Steel Truss Structure
4. Steel Grid Structure

Advantages of Steel Construction:
1. Durability: Steel structures provide high durability against earthquakes and natural
disasters. This is important for the construction of safe and long-lasting buildings.
2. Fast Assembly: Steel construction significantly shortens construction times thanks to
its prefabrication processes. This saves costs.
3. Environmentally Friendly: Steel is a recyclable material. Since it is easy to recycle, it
causes less harm to the environment.
4. Aesthetic Variety: Steel can be shaped to suit different design needs. This increases
architectural freedom and offers aesthetic diversity in steel construction.
5. Cost Efficiency: on of most advantages of steel structure buildings is speed in
construction process. Fast construction processes reduce labour costs and ensure
projects are completed on time.
6. In steel construction there is no need for concrete except for the foundations.
7. Assembly and installation do not affect by the weather conditions in steel
8. Speed: for the same project the steel structure building can be delivered and installed
quickly. The installation is expected to be completed within three or four months, and
the speed for traditional reinforced concrete structures is slow, and the construction
period can reach nine to ten months or longer.
9. The light weight of the steel structure building will help to reduce the reaction force at
the bottom of the column, and that will save costs in foundations treatment.
10. We can obtain large space and longer span up to 50m and more in steel structure
building, but it is limited in traditional reinforced concrete buildings.
11. The steel structure building can be easily disassembled, transferred, and assembled
again easily without much expense.

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