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Space Frame System

SPACE FRAME SYSTEMS 1- What is the Space Frame Roof System?A Space frame systems is a structure of linear elements so arranged in a configuration that internalforces are transferred in a three dimensional manner. Each linear element connected at both ends tonode elements.The space frame is not necessarily flat, it can also be curved. Space frame systems gives greatestfreedom in design, Space frame systems could be in single grid, double grid, triple grid, or Multi-layer.Space Frame System can be of steel, aluminium or stainless steel. 2- Advantages Of Space Frame StructuresIn addition to the economic advantages, space frame systems are preferred due to the advantagesthey offer in terms of the most appropriate use of the space.Space frame system can be easily mounted and disassembled and reused.Space frame systems are structurally lighter and more rigid than other conventional and classicalsystems.Manufacturing time, assembly and installation of the space frame roof systems is […]

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Space Roof System

Space Roof Space Roofs Construction Technology of the Future Space roofs are a groundbreaking technology that will shape the future of the construction industry. This innovation combines many advantages such as durability, longevity and energy efficiency, and is set to transform future building projects. Here are the key advantages of space roofs: SPACE ROOF SYSTEM 2.What is Space Roof System? Space Roof Systems are a solution option that is mostly used in commercial and industrial buildings with vertical carriers and large spans and columns are not preferred. All parts of the space roof system consist of prefabricated standard spare parts and there is almost no margin for error in such a system. Since these standard parts are not available separately, it ensures that the installation can be done in a short time and easily. The lightness of the space roof system also leads to a significant reduction in the load […]

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Steel Roof

Steel Roof Steel Roofs: Combining Durability and Aesthetics Steel roofs offer a perfect solution in terms of durability and aesthetics in the construction industry. These types of roofs ensure the longevity of structures, while at the same time offering visual appeal. The advantages of steel roofs have become an important reason of choice for construction projects. Steel roof installation is fast. Steel roofs are flexible and resistant to earthquakes Steel roof is environmentally friendly. Steel roofs can be easily dismantled and easily reassembled. Steel roofs have high thermal insulation. Steel roofs can be applied in every project. Steel roofs are economical, lightweight. Steel roofs can easily pass large openings. Steel roofs, materials used do not require a long time. Steel roof reduces building construction costs. Steel roofs reduce the load on the building. Steel roofs are durable and robust. Steel roofs are produced in the factory and transported to the […]

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Steel Construction

  • Steel Construction

Steel Construction

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