Space Frame Systems

1- What is the Space Frame Roof System?
A Space frame systems is a structure of linear elements so arranged in a configuration that internal
forces are transferred in a three dimensional manner. Each linear element connected at both ends to
node elements.
The space frame is not necessarily flat, it can also be curved. Space frame systems gives greatest
freedom in design, Space frame systems could be in single grid, double grid, triple grid, or Multi-
Space Frame System can be of steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

2- Advantages Of Space Frame Structures
In addition to the economic advantages, space frame systems are preferred due to the advantages
they offer in terms of the most appropriate use of the space.
Space frame system can be easily mounted and disassembled and reused.
Space frame systems are structurally lighter and more rigid than other conventional and classical
Manufacturing time, assembly and installation of the space frame roof systems is shorter than the
others. The space frame system saves space in the assembly area.
By using space frame roof systems architects have the ability to design the shape they want.
Adaptability of space frame structures is one of the most wonderful advantages for architects.
Since the space frame is made of prefabricated material, all precautions against corrosion are taken
during the manufacturing phase (painting, galvanizing…etc).
In space frame roof systems, installations such as electricity, ventilation ducts, air conditioning,
plumbing, and air conditioning systems can be made very easily inside the frame space.
we easily can benefits from the sunlight when using space frame roofs by creating window elements
above the space roof.
Space roof can be installed in summer, winter, all kinds of seasonal conditions.
Since it consists of bolted systems, it can be disassembled and reassembled in other places.
Because the space roof is light, it is very economical in transportation and handling areas.
Space frames can be made by frame connection; welding, bolting, or threading.

3- Space Frame Design and Fabrication:
When we speak about space frame design process we to take into account some principle;
The loads coming to space frame from cladding or suspended loads should be applied on the nodes.
Pipe Sections used in the space frame systems are prepared in such a way that they can only receive
axial load, and designed to resist compression and/or tension forces.
the cladding and roofing sheets are fixed to the purlins which are attached to the nodes via a purlin
The Node used in space frame systems starting from diameter 75, 90, 110, 130, …… 430MM
produced with C45 quality materials with hot forging or machining production techniques. And the
designed bolt connection will be drilled with software controlled drilling machines.

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